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Carpet Spots Stains Spills And Odours 

Say Goodbye to Carpet Stains: The Art of Spot, Stain, Spill, and Odour Removal

Carpet Spots Stains Spills And Odours
  1. Deal with it as soon as you can.
  2. Before trying something on your own and making it worse or making it permanent, consult our stain guide.
  3. Remove as much of the solid debris with care.
  4. Clean, white rags or towels should be used Put pressure on the area to be absorb as much of the liquid as you can.
  5. Work your way towards the center.
  6. Never rub or scrub; doing so could irreversibly harm the fibers. Always blot (push down);
  7. Call Prestige Carpet Cleaning for assistance from an expert if it isn’t completely gone.

Prepared to Call in Some Backup for Your Spill?

It’s crucial to take care of stains, spills, and accidents as soon as they occur on your furniture or carpet. When you have an urgent issue, such as a recent spill or accident, letting us know can help us prioritize your cleaning and assist you as soon as we can.

For us to treat the spot effectively and achieve the best results, it helps if you have an understanding of what the cause of the
spot is (eg. Blood must be treated ONLY with COLD and not hot water).


Hot water extraction will get rid of stains, spots, and mild odours and ensure that your carpets are clinically clean.
There are two further treatments we can provide if you have specific or more serious odor concerns:

Benefect™ Disinfectant is an odour counteractant that is used in conjunction with our enzyme-based pre-conditioner to strengthen your cleaning by eradicating odors from smoke, food, pet oils, dander, and other sources while leaving behind a pleasing, fresh aroma.

BioTreat™ Pet Odour Neutralizer is a type of enzyme based treatment used to treat biological stains and odours by decomposing the organic matter that causes them.

Can you remove everything?

Unfortunately some permanent stains are impossible to remove especially if the fibers have been colored or bleached. Our chances of success can be increased by handling spots and spills as soon as feasible and treating them accordingly.

FAQ's For Carpet Cleaning

Many homeowners make the mistake of assuming their carpet and furniture are clean just because they look clean. What they may not realize is that, over time, even the most spotless looking carpets and upholstery soil quite evenly and lose their original luster and also collect dust and soil below the surface where regular vacuum cleaning may not reach. To increase the useful life of your carpets, most carpet manufacturers recommend you have carpets cleaned every 12-18 months before you may recognize they are dirty.

There can be a large difference between one carpet cleaning method and another. Many carpet cleaning systems are designed to be fast and inexpensive and to give a carpet cleaning company more profit while leaving carpets that just look good on the surface and re-soil rapidly. That’s why some people say “As soon as I cleaned my carpets they got dirty faster than ever before”. The multi-step Thermo-Rinse deep cleaning hot water extraction carpet cleaning method that we use at Prestige Carpet Cleaning is designed to provide the deepest cleaning and leave your freshly cleaned carpets residue free and looking great until the next cleaning, not next month!

Just like every other industry, the carpet cleaning business has many competitors all claiming to offer the best service at a variety of different prices. Prestige Carpet Cleaning has been serving our clients for over 30 years and we’ve developed internal controls and training systems that are time tested and can be trusted. Our staff are long term people that are paid the highest wages in the industry. Our constant training, proven systems and the deep cleaning Thermo-Rinse hot water exctraction carpet cleaning system allow us to operate efficiently enough to pay our technicians the highest wages in the industry while still offering the best carpet cleaning prices to our customers.

What Our Customers Have To Say

Donna McEvoy

Had two professional and kind gentlemen attend at my house to clean my ducts. The air quality seems so much better and my house smells amazing after the disinfectant spray that was used. Highly recommend!

Manasmita Sahoo

I really like the service. They are very professional. They reached within time frame and complete the process within 1.5 hours. I would definitely recommend this.

Rakesh G Krishnan

Great service, and the staff were knowledgeable and professional, gave some useful tips. I’d use the services again in future.

Judith hayles

Excellent service, the guys were very professional. I really appreciated the time they took to fix my dryer vent issue.

Kevin Matthews

The two service technicians were on time and professional. They worked quickly and cleaned up after them selves.

Clement Thuraisamy

Happy with the service overall. The Gentlemen were courteous, friendly and did a great job. Small issue/suggestion: I noticed there was a lot of dust blow on the furnace room floor, boxes and mudroom that I had to clean up after they left. Wish they had doublechecked and cleaned up the mess created.