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Carpet Cleaning

requirements for parking during a service appointment.

Requirements For Parking

Before we begin your cleaning, we always make certain that our cleaning vehicles are parked in a safe and legal place for the duration of the cleaning. The parking spot must be within 30 feet of the entrance we intend to use. That’s around the length of a bus, half of a bowling lane, or two vehicle lengths.

Tips to avoid carpet cleaning scams.

Tips To Avoid Carpet Cleaning Scams

Unfortunately, scammers frequently target the carpet cleaning industry. To steal your money, they go after shoppers looking for a good deal and may employ pushy sales techniques. At best, they might do a subpar job of cleaning; at worst, your house might sustain serious damage.

illustrating the concept of wicking in carpet cleaning

What is Wicking?

Professional carpet cleaning is made to completely clean the carpet’s “pile.” The fibers that make up the visible portion of the carpet are known as the pile. It could be short and tight like a berber or thick and long like a shag. The backing and underlay are located behind the pile of the carpet, respectively.

Stain Guide

Stain Guide

Home Stain Guide for Carpet & Rug Cleaning Home spot and stain treatment is an important part of maintaining your carpet. Use these tips to treat spots or spills as soon as possible when they happen. Important stain Removal Tips Never Use Bleach Bleach can remove lots of stains, unfortunately it will also remove the …

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Permanent Staining-3

Permanent Staining

Home Please be aware that while we offer a “Happiness Guarantee,” we make no guarantees or warranties regarding the removal of stubborn stains. Free follow-up visits and service calls will specifically not be provided in cases of severe carpet soiling and staining that go beyond ordinary spills and spots. In cases of severe soiling and …

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