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Cleaning a vacuum with a vacuum.

When To Clean Your Central Vacuum

How frequently the central vacuum needs to be cleaned depends on how often it is used. Canisters for central vacuums should typically be cleaned every three to six months, or more frequently if used more frequently. If you notice that the suction is deteriorating, your central vacuum needs to be cleaned.

When to Request Assistance from Your Central Vac Cleaning

You might be dealing with an obstruction if you’ve lost items to the central vacuum more than a few times. Hey, no worries, it happens. We can help when items vacuumed up by accident have clogged up your central vacuum lines
To remove any obstructions and guarantee maximum airflow in your central vac system, we employ high-pressure air in each of your vacuum ports while operating our powerful vacuum truck. The canister is then emptied, the filter and motor are cleaned, and the trash is removed. Do not worry; we will also return any unforeseen riches we discover!

Can I Clean My Central Vacuum?

Absolutely! No expensive or specialized equipment is necessary for routine central vacuum cleaning and maintenance. All you have to do is find your central canister, disconnect the hose, and remove the dust and debris from it. Additionally, make sure your filter is in good shape by checking it; if it appears to be particularly dirty, quickly vacuum it to remove any accumulated dust. Put everything back together, and your central vacuum should start working well again!
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