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Dryer Vent Regular Maintenance 

Dryer Vent Regular Maintenance
Cleaning a dryer vent involves cleaning the flexible duct that runs between the dryer and the location where the vent leaves the house. The dryer’s exhaust duct may accumulate dust and lint over time; cleaning it helps to enhance dryer airflow, boost energy efficiency, and lower the chance of a dryer fire.
Depending on how frequently your dryer is used, cleaning your dryer vent should be done every six to twelve months.

In-between Cleaning:

Examine your dryer vent every few months to make sure it is not clogged or filled with lint.

Your dryer vent may be clogged if it takes an exceptionally long time to dry clothing or if they are always moist.

You can inspect your dryer vent by pushing it away from the wall, removing the flexible duct from the back, and peering into it.

You may be able to clean the duct on your own if you have a short duct that leads directly to the exterior with a shop vac.

We do offer this cleaning as a stand alone service However, we offer excellent savings on this service to complete while we at your home cleaning the furnace and ducts and provide you with the peace of mind knowing it has been cleaned thoroughly and safely.
Dryer Vent Regular Maintenance-min
dryer vent cleaning in progress