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Duct Cleaning vs. Furnace Cleaning 

Duct Cleaning vs. Furnace Cleaning
In Ontario, we refer to what the majority of North America calls “furnace cleaning” as “duct cleaning.” In general, when we use the word “duct cleaning,” we mean the thorough cleaning of your whole heating system, which includes the cleaning of your ducts, furnace; blower and blower housing and, if you have them, the cleaning of your air conditioning coil and heating recovery ventilator unit.
The majority of the work we complete inside the house is actually duct cleaning. To do this, we first connect our vacuum hose to the hot (supply) and cold (return) sides of your system separately in the furnace room. We then use high-pressure air and our brushless Roto-Whip™ in every duct to help dislodge dust and debris pushing it to the centrifugal vacuum, where it is drawn from the system directly into our truck.
The air that is drawn into your furnace from the cold air (or return) side, is heated, and then directed through your hot air (or supply) vents carries dust and debris with it. In order to complete a comprehensive cleaning of your furnace, a thorough duct cleaning is required. If we merely cleaned your furnace or only part of your duct system, the dust and debris remaining would keep circulating through your system, into the air, and eventually back down through the furnace. You can do a lot of different things to keep your heating system and the air you breathe clean, but duct cleaning is a significant one.

Roto-Whip™ SystemSafe Cleaning

At Prestige Duct Cleaning, we employ the Roto-Whip™ SystemSafe air duct cleaning technique to provide the direct surface contact cleaning advantages of traditional brush cleaning along with the security of contemporary pneumatic cleaning equipment. The Roto-Whip™ technology, in contrast to traditional air-wand or brush cleaning, reaches deep inside your duct system without running the danger of harming internal components or shutting pre-set dampers and negatively influencing system airflow. Because we don’t believe in offering consumers a service that falls short of our best standards, Prestige Duct Cleaning only offers one way of duct cleaning which is the best way! We don’t charge extra!
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