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Furnace, Air Conditoning And HRV Regular Maintenance 

Furnace, Air Conditoning And HRV Regular Maintenance


A blocked filter can obstruct airflow and cause costly damage.

Use the proper size filter, and make sure your duct filter fits snugly – gaps or voids impair air filtering and allow your duct to become dirty faster.

If you have two or more ducts, be sure you’re using the correct filter size for each – it’s common for homes with multiple ducts to have larger and smaller ducts with various filter sizes.

Check and clean your duct filter weekly (permanent filters only) or replay ce it every 1 to 3 months, depending on the extent of soiling.

Having difficulty determining the proper size of duct filter for your duct? Please contact us if you require standard or custom-sized permanent filters, disposable filters, or pre-filters.

Your Humidifier

When you change your duct filter, check for leaks in your humidifier.

Before winter, clean humidifier pads (permanent pads only) or replace.

We provide a very cost effective cleaning and pad replacement service that we can complete while we are at your home cleaning the furnace and ducts.

Your HRV (Heat Recovery Ventilator)

During the hot season, vacuum, wash, and dry your HRV filters every two months.
Are you unsure whether you have an HRV? In your duct room, it is a massive rectangular metal box. The heat from stale air is trapped and used to heat incoming cold, fresh air. It also aids in the prevention of condensation. Both the intake and exhaust sides of your HRV include filters.

Air Conditioning

Clean dust and debris from outside air conditioning equipment in the spring to guarantee proper operation.

When not in use, cover your outside air conditioning unit in the winter.

FURNACE Maintenance

Every year, hire a registered HVAC technician to inspect and ensure that your system is operating safely and efficiently.

If you have air conditioning, ensure the firm you call is also licensed to handle air conditioning.

ENBRIDGE provides safety checks for any gas equipment, including your duct and hot water tank.
Duct, AC, And HRV Regular Maintenance -3-min
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