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Furniture Regular Maintenance 

Furniture Regular Maintenance

How to Maintain Furniture Between Cleanings

Drying Thoroughly After cleaning:

After cleaning your upholstered furniture, it will be slightly damp for about 24 hours and occasionally longer if you choose to apply protectant.
To speed up the drying process you can:
Contact us if your furniture is not dry within 24 hours.


If a stain has soaked deeply into your upholstery, it will often spread below the surface of the fabric and into the foam or batting which can create more problems as it is being cleaned. When you have any concerns about reappearing stains or residue after cleaning, please phone us.


Vacuum your furniture and keep it dust-free. This may seem like a no-brainer, but the truth is that not everyone knows you should vacuum their furniture regularly to avoid a buildup of dust and dirt. Of course, how often you vacuum is based on how much dust is in your home/apartment and how often that specific piece of furniture is used.

Spot clean your carpet or upholstery if you notice a small spill. For larger spills, keep in mind that professional help may be a better option. For more tips and advice, visit our Stain Guide.

Get Your Furniture Treated with Professional Fabric Protector. Fabric Protector helps fabrics resist soiling and makes cleaning up spots and spills easier. Also, we make it easy for you to keep your furniture looking great, with our Protection Guarantee. For the span of a year from the date that we apply Fabric Protector to your upholstery, we will return up to two more times to treat spots and stains on the treated furniture items, for no charge at all!

It’s important to clean your furniture every 12-24 months to keep your investment in tip-top shape, prevent premature wear and improve the appearance. With regular cleaning, you can prolong the life of your furniture.
Furniture Regular Maintenance
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