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Is My Carpet Worth Cleaning? 

Is My Carpet Worth Cleaning?

Is My Carpet Worth Cleaning?

Many of our clients who haven’t cleaned their carpets in a while are pleasantly surprised or even thrilled with the cleaning outcomes. Unfortunately, not all carpets are in this situation. Here are some scenarios that might make you rethink cleaning and consider replacing:

Extensive, long-term heavy soiling: If a carpet has been walked on in dirty shoes or boots for a long time, not only will there be a lot of dirt, but the grit from the dirt will have been worked deeply into the carpet and damaged the fibers. Even with deep cleaning, we might not be able to get rid of all the dirt; additionally, when the carpet is damp, the wet fibers will wick soiling to the top of the carpet, giving it an unsightly appearance. The carpet will also appear worn and dull even after cleaning due to the damage/wear caused by the dirt.

Heavy staining: Even if you have performed at-home spot removal, your cleaning results may not be satisfactory if your carpet has accumulated a variety of overlapping stains over time without regular professional cleaning. When many different things have been spilled that require various removal techniques, it is very challenging for us to get results that you will be happy with.

Heavy urine stains:  It can be very difficult to completely remove the stains and odors from a carpet that has been repeatedly soaked with urine. If you want to restore a carpet that has been heavily urinated on by a dog or cat, you should pull up the carpet, replace the underlay, clean the carpet on both sides, and use an enzyme treatment that attacks odors. We charge hourly rates for this service and do not offer any warranty or guarantee for this kind of cleaning.

It’s really old, tired, or ragged: It’s clean, but not new. Professional cleaning won’t bring damaged and worn fibers back to their original state, just as washing your torn or worn pants won’t make them new.

carpet in need of cleaning and the question 'Is My Carpet Worth Cleaning
if a carpet is worth cleaning.