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Permanent Staining 

Permanent Staining
Please be aware that while we offer a “Happiness Guarantee,” we make no guarantees or warranties regarding the removal of stubborn stains. Free follow-up visits and service calls will specifically not be provided in cases of severe carpet soiling and staining that go beyond ordinary spills and spots. In cases of severe soiling and staining, hourly cleaning fees might be necessary.
While most carpets are made of synthetic fibers that are fairly resistant to permanent stains, some things can cause the color of the fibers in your carpet to change permanently. We’re talking about small, manageable permanent stains here, which you might be okay with. Please read our post on whether to keep or replace your carpet if your home has significant soiling and/or stains.


Blot as much as you can (don’t rub) whenever possible.

To wick up liquid that may have seeped deeply into the carpet or underlay, use clean, white cloths with something weighty on top.

Ahead of attempting DIY stain removal, carefully review the StainGuide.

Consult a professional as soon as possible for severe spills or stains.
Carpet with permanent staining
Permanent Staining