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Requirements For Parking – Carpet Cleaning 

Requirements For Parking – Carpet Cleaning

Before we begin your cleaning, we always make certain that our cleaning vehicles are parked in a safe and legal place for the duration of the cleaning.

The parking spot must be within 30 feet of the entrance we intend to use. That’s around the length of a bus, half of a bowling lane, or two vehicle lengths.
For our houses, the parking area between our vehicle and your duct cannot be more than 150 feet.

Private Residences

It is our policy to only park in legal, paved locations. It would be wonderful if you have a paved driveway that can be cleared for our visit.

Apartments and condominiums

Some apartments and condominiums provide temporary parking passes for forbidden parking places in front of units. We will gladly service your unit if you receive a permit.

Unauthorized areas

Technicians are not permitted to park in areas such as:

Emergency access routes

Underground garages

Handicap areas

Fire lanes

On customers’ lawns

In front of fire hydrants

On public sidewalks

On boulevards
requirements for parking during a service appointment.