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Furniture Cleaning Since 1988

Transform Dull, Drab Furniture Into Mint Condition With Prestige Furniture & Upholstery Cleaning

Furniture & Upholstery Cleaning Service

Restore Your Furnishings With Prestige Furniture & Upholstery Cleaning

At Prestige, we clean a variety of furniture and upholstery including, sofa and loveseats, kitchen and dining room chairs, office chairs, upholstered headboards, and mattresses. We also clean a wide variety of leather furniture as well as. We use a tried and tested hot water extraction cleaning system, gentle fabric-safe products, and a chemical-free freshwater rinse that leaves your furniture sparkling and fresh.

Furniture Cleaning – Upholstery & Leather

Not sure if your furniture needs cleaning? Ask our technicians to test your upholstery using the vacuum test, or to test-clean an inconspicuous spot on your furniture.

Our methods are safe.

Powerful but gentle.

Tough on dirt, gentle on furniture.

No extra charge.

Deep cleaning, fast drying.

For fresh & beautiful furniture.

Your upholstered furniture is thoroughly cleaned using a Thermo-Rinse™ truck-mounted steam cleaning system. We use gentle but effective FabricSafe™ cleaning products and a Fast-dry™ chemical-free fresh water rinse.

To ensure color fastness.

To remove loose soiling.

 Gentle but thorough.

 Thorough removal of cleaning product.

 Nourishes, rejuvenates & prevents premature leather aging.

 Surface of leather buffed to a smooth, even finish.

We use professional-grade cleaning and conditioning products to leave your leather looking its best! This process also leaves leather feeling softer, and protects it from aging.

Should You Clean All Types Of Fabrics?


The type of fabric matters! Different fabrics react differently when you clean them, so we’ll test your furniture to make sure it is safe to clean. We do this because not everything is labeled accurately with a full account of the fibres used.


Some Furniture comes in colours that are bright and difficult to clean. Over time the furniture may fade, colours may transfer from your clothes or become discoloured from wear. Regular through vacuuming and turning of cushions can help maintain colour.

Wondering How Much Our Furniture Cleaning Will Cost You?

In general, the pricing is based on the size of the piece and whether it is fabric or leather. We provide information about standard furniture cleaning prices in your quote.

It’s helpful for us to know about the size of your furniture before we start. Large furniture and sectionals can be tough to price without seeing them in person, but we’ll do our best to estimate a price when booking an appointment. When your Technician arrives we will give you the final price before we start.

For chairs, please let us know what parts of the chair are upholstered. For armchairs, loveseats and couches, please provide an estimation of whether they are “standard size” or over-sized.

For Sofas and Sectional please give us an estimate of its length as well as how many adults it was built to seat.

What Our Customers Have To Say

Donna McEvoy

Had two professional and kind gentlemen attend at my house to clean my ducts. The air quality seems so much better and my house smells amazing after the disinfectant spray that was used. Highly recommend!

Manasmita Sahoo

I really like the service. They are very professional. They reached within time frame and complete the process within 1.5 hours. I would definitely recommend this.

Rakesh G Krishnan

Great service, and the staff were knowledgeable and professional, gave some useful tips. I’d use the services again in future.

Judith hayles

Excellent service, the guys were very professional. I really appreciated the time they took to fix my dryer vent issue.

Kevin Matthews

The two service technicians were on time and professional. They worked quickly and cleaned up after them selves.

Clement Thuraisamy

Happy with the service overall. The Gentlemen were courteous, friendly and did a great job. Small issue/suggestion: I noticed there was a lot of dust blow on the furnace room floor, boxes and mudroom that I had to clean up after they left. Wish they had doublechecked and cleaned up the mess created.

Furniture Cleaning FAQs

Dust and dirt in the air and on clothing settle into upholstery and carpet. Regular use of furniture causes these almost invisible soil particles to penetrate deeper than a regular vacuum or personal steam cleaner can extract. Over time, soil particles degrade the fibres of your upholstery, which dulls it’s appearance and can cause permanent damage.
Your washing machine & laundry detergent are not designed for properly cleaning the designer fabrics used for furniture. Zippered cushions are designed this way so that the foam or cushion can be replaced when it wears out, not so that the cover can be washed at home. Professional furniture cleaning provides a thorough cleaning without fading, shrinkage, and damage to the shape or fabric. Furthermore, when you clean just the cushion covers the rest of the furniture will not match the clean cushions.

Over time all fabric protectors lose effectiveness, with or without cleaning. If your furniture was purchased more than 2 years ago or is clearly showing signs of soiling, professional upholstery cleaning is recommended. Cleaning will remove what is left of the protectant that was applied when you bought your furniture and we recommend to reapply after cleaning.

In addition to FourGuard™ which is applied following your cleaning, we also offer Advanced Generation Deodorizer™, which is applied prior to the cleaning and works to disinfect the upholstery, remove odors and leave a pleasant light citrus scent. For biological stains and odors, we recommend the application of an enzyme-based product called Bio-Treat ™. Bio-Treat ™ is applied following your cleaning and the active formula works over the next 24 to 48 hours to actually digest any residual organic material and stains, improving the appearance and the smell.